When you heal your heart, you heal your soul.

When you heal your soul,
you heal your mind.

When you heal your mind, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Welcome to the beginning of your possibilities!


Explore personal issues of:

Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude. 

Live More, Carry Less

Bootcamp for the Soul is an online plan that utilizes The Dunes book to help you declutter the emotional weight that has held you back. Erin Wiley Sands uses her I.R.O method (Identify, Recognize, Overcome) to equip you with the tools to reach your personal goals and live an Abundant, Fearless, Purpose Filled Life.


Identify the issue.


Recognize the root cause.


Overcome the obstacle.

Live More, Carry Less: Bootcamp for the Soul is a transformative online plan that provides inspirational tools and weekly video coaching to help you overcome the obstacles that have been blocking your success.

Erin Wiley Sands invites you to Release your Fears with an online plan where you don’t have to wait to see results! In Live More, Carry Less: Bootcamp for the Soul, you will achieve personal victories throughout because each week you will be tackling issues that offer you both emotional and spiritual breakthrough. Including a Support Community to cheer you on every step of the way.

The Dunes consists of 7 chapters that throughout the book are referred to as Revelations. Each of these revelations help you, explore personal issues of: Fear, Forgiveness, Commitment, Trust, Perseverance, Surrender and Gratitude.

At the end of every revelation are a set of Journal Questions that serve as a map, to usher you into a sacred “moment of truth”. After the journal questions there is a Revelation Challenge that helps you to step out of your comfort zone, step out on faith and and put your new found “truth” into practice.

What Can You Expect?

  • Weekly Inspirational Video Coaching
  • Renewed Focus and Confidence
  • Tools to Identify and Overcome obstacles blocking your success
  • A Support Community

Make the Decision.

Commit to the Process.

See the Change...